About Me

I am Ebihonmon Rebekah-Flora; I was born August 29th, 1981.

I think my first six years in this world were interesting; then they became horrible and continued like that even into my early 30s when I finally embraced the nuisance of a life that I have. Many people find me interesting or quite likable and desire to be attached. But I didn’t gain anything from that - life is cruel and I’ve known that from an early stage, so such people don’t bother me though it hurts.

I’m a survivor, but I survived on the wings of God. However, now with my level of spiritual knowledge, I think God just seems to be acting out his responsibility…while I’m meant to endure to also act out my responsibility. I believe we are born for a purpose and Life (and/or God) has a role too to play in the fulfillment of that purpose.

I'm a solitary; but not a deserter. I know the importance of other people. Thus, I give my time and effort to others regardless. But it's a shame many people I've encountered are mere opportunists. 

Music and I wasn’t just simpatico. I didn’t have the talent, I wasn’t particular about working on it - was okay with singing my garbage just to myself, but my heart was impressed with it…and now I have it after much hard-work and heartache.

Spirituality and I found each other quite early in life. By my 7yrs of age, I’ve began to look up to God. The unfairness of life did catch up with me on time, and God seemed to be the only person, though invisible, that gave me succor and peace. But as I grew older, I found out that God will give succor but he won’t end a challenge or prevent it - challenges are part of our walk in life, whether a person lives a life of purity or disdain.

Academics and I just never connected the way I expected. I’m intelligent but not brilliant. I’m academically inquisitive but never sound enough to live it through. Something always makes it go wrong. Something certainly. Sometimes my mind is just blocked against following through, even though I’m interested. Other times, external hindrances - like my mum’s millers, but I have to be fed and taken care of, while my mind couldn’t live through the noise and stress. Few times, it’s my mind being fluent and flowing everywhere - I tend to enjoy that only to realize I’ve abandoned reading.

My name was coined by me, though not for any particular show. And I was lucky to have done it early before I started having official IDs. I took up Rebekah for my Christian baptism; we’re encouraged to but I found out much later that it wasn’t always necessary. I desired Deborah initially, but an older sister of mine already had that. I didn’t want Rebekah because it seemed not to be meaningful and the Biblical character was a controversial one. My next option was Ruth, but an older sister was just ready to use that. So, Rebekah it was. I picked this particular spelling because that’s what my Bible version had and it wasn’t common around me - it was thus unique.

One day, I was pondering on my names, and realized I had one that didn’t seem to be in use - Flora. It was silent. I was barely called by it, usually just by my aunt Patience. I remembered once asking her how I came about the name, and she said a distant aunt gave it to me, and always called me that whenever she came to visit. I thought of how to use it. Then I realized, I didn’t have any middle or other name on my birth certificate. Rebekah was just up and coming; though I was interested in retaining it because of religion too. So, I thought of combining; of which I’ll still get to retain R for abbreviation. So, it remained E.R as it had been for other non-official documents. Actually, at a point, I used R.E.F and also tried to create a personality around that but I analyzed that for documentations it won’t work.

Hence, it’s Rebekah-Flora.


Update – October 11th, 2020:

PS This About Me here and those in other sub-homes (and units) have been written long before October, 2020, but not dated.